The 1 Word That Differentiates Good Marketing from Sales

When you analyze the business plan of any company, there is always going to be a go-to-market component and a strategy to bring the product to its relevant audience. That strategy, if planned properly, should include a sales component and a marketing component.

Both sales and marketing, at the end of the day, need to sell the product. If your sales team isn’t selling, then they are failing, and if your marketing efforts don’t yield sales, it is failing too. So if both sales and marketing have the same ultimate goal, what is the difference between the two?

In one word? Subtlety.

Put simply, sales is more direct, “Here is my product, it is great because of these three features. Buy it.” Marketing is more subtle, and to be clear, I am not talking about performance marketing– advertising, I am talking about all other types of marketing, including branding, social media, PR, content, and on and on. Be subtle, tell me a story, get my heart pounding, and don’t be a salesman.

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